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Top 50 Contributors

Names are listed in random order.
Corey & Douglas Marshall-Steele (245,332 Memorials)

When making requests for edits or transfer, please use the SAC (suggest a correction) method from the edit tab on that memorial. Sorry, edits or transfers will not be made from emails or wall postings, which would be needlessly inefficient. If you need assistance in using the edit tab, please refer to the Find A ... (read more)
KChaffeeB (169,896 Memorials)
Thank you so much to the volunteers who not only list the information but also provide a photograph of the stones.

I'm 12th Generation American, directly decended from Thomas Chaffee (1635) and as such the Chaffee's and allied families are my interest.

The faq's are an amazing repository of information for FAG. You'll also learn a lot... (read more)
Headstone Genealogist (428,211 Memorials)
A simple "Transfer please." is all that is required to request a memorial transfer. The transfer will usually happen. (Over 39,000 transfers to date)
Scout (199,343 Memorials)
We try to photograph entire cemeteries. Often when on vacation we will photograph, therefore you may see our photos have been taken in many different areas of the the country.

Only personal photos and grave photos should be posted in the photo section, all others will be removed.This includes death cert, obits, and any other scanned document... (read more)
Gone Gravin ★ (465,364 Memorials)
All submissions need to
a.) comply with all FAG policies.
b.) (bios) be a 'copy ready' narrative (i.e. complete sentences, in paragraphs, etc).
c.) be accurate.
d.) be submitted properly through the first five options on the EDIT tab when applicable.

Auto-processed edits post in 21 days if not otherwise addressed. You should not exce... (read more)
Sally - Midcoast Maine (171,689 Memorials)
Thanks to everyone who sends edits and posts photo's. I think it is great seeing the missing info getting filled in.

I will transfer management regardless of relation; however I will keep my direct family memorials.

Feel free to use my photos, they are there for everyone to use.

Graves (731,981 Memorials)
I'm caught up on auto-edits to 4/14 and email edits to about 4/14. If you don't hear from me it isn't because I'm ignoring you. All of my Find-a-Grave emails go to my email account set up specifically for Find-a-Grave. I only read those messages when I'm sitting down to work on Find-a-Grave - not every day.

FYI - I bypass email change requests ... (read more)
Cyndi (1,242,335 Memorials)
Please use the edit tab on the memorial to suggest corrections, request additional information be added, or to request a transfer.

Memorium (579,166 Memorials)
If you send appropriate content via the Edit system I am happy to update - Be assured anyone can use the EDIT or the photo upload function to add information
Susanna Parrish (185,654 Memorials)
The only truly dead are those who have been forgotten.

Jewish Proverb

I have been better at getting back to you all! I have been fitting it into my daily routine! Life has been going too fast lately!
Lin (221,906 Memorials)
Special sponsor thank you's - To Dave Reno - 46851270, for sponsoring the memorials of my Dad - Tilden Elvis Canamore and my brother - Gary Wayne Canamore, Valencia Asia Angel Of Mine - 4... (read more)
David Woody (346,132 Memorials)
I am retired. Enjoy baseball (Atlanta Braves) and many other hobbies. I believe Find A is a wonderful idea and hopefully more people will help identify a lot of the ones that have passed before us. I especially enjoy following some of the older graves especially those who fought in the civil war and have photos. This is so interesting to think... (read more)
Tom Myers (304,948 Memorials)
I've been actively involved with genealogical research for over 25 years. My specialty is Bucks County, PA and surrounding areas.
Paul R (246,868 Memorials)
Please use the edit tab to ask for updates. Please use the free-form entry ('Suggest any other change or correction') only if there is no category for your change.

For transfers, please use the edit tab, then 'Suggest any other change or correction'.

Transfer requests for 'all surnames in a cemetery' will not be processed. A sepa... (read more)
Erice Wilcox (264,837 Memorials)
Once again I have had to remove my message board. Why? Because people use it for the wrong reason. Request must be made according to Find A Grave guidelines. No corrections or transfers will be made from message board.

Retired ordained minister and husband to Mary Barton Wilcox, artist and author whose books "First Rose" and "First of Ever" addr... (read more)
Rita Osborne (215,617 Memorials)
One of my dearest furry kids passed today. Siggy may you rest well

Use the editing system when you are sending suggestions. This includes Links to Parents and Spouse, birth and death information.

No Links to unknown burial
Please do not copy and paste o... (read more)
Judy Mayfield (217,541 Memorials)
Find A Grave's mission is 'graves registration'.

Please specify your relationship when requesting transfers. I am no longer transfering outside the Findagrave guidelines.

Due to the growing popularity of the website I have been getting multiple transfer requests for the same memorial from several different contributors. Trying to... (read more)
ProgBase (469,435 Memorials)
I'm trying to find lots of records for people looking for their ancestors. I try to do SACs within 48 hours (unless they're local to me, then I need time to add them to my spreadsheets) but may not have time to message you. If sending SACs, please finish your research first (I got five non-duplicate SACs in twenty minutes on the same memorial from the... (read more)
Frank K. (213,868 Memorials)
My contributions are in honor of those, who walked before us, no disrespect is intended whatsoever by my submissions to this website.

ôThere are three deaths. The first is when the body ceases to function. The second is when the body is consigned to the grave. The third is that ... (read more)
LostGeneration (293,633 Memorials)
Please use the Edit system for all links, birth/death dates/locations, miscellaneous edits and transfer requests. Transfers are based on the 4x Find a Grave guidelines and requests should include your exact relationship and contributor number.

I am happy to help people with research, just send me a note or an edit on a memorial. I am happy to '... (read more)
John C. Anderson (429,722 Memorials)
My interest of documenting cemeteries began with a request to help on an Eagle Scout project in 2001.

Since I love creating and working with databases, digital photography and genealogy, what better combination!

I've documented many Howard Co. Indiana and Montclam Co. Michigan cemeteries with thousands of tombstone photos. My largest co... (read more)
Dwight Baker (182,754 Memorials)
I live on the Travis and Williamson County border in Texas.

If you find one of your family members that I have created a memorial for, then feel free to request a transfer to you.

If you have family links, I will also be glad to add them for you also.

I take most of the photos I post myself and give you permission to use them or cop... (read more)
Twist (217,815 Memorials)

I am in Michigan. I am not related to 99.999% of my entries, but have added them with the hope that other researchers who have come to a dead end may be helped. With respect to those entries, I have no other information available as I have tried to include as much info as I have.

JOHN SVADBIK (3,268,547 Memorials)
Super Squirrel. Our family tree is full of nuts.

I enjoy researching especially online the parish records of Czech Republic and Austria. The records are usually in Latin, German Gothic or Czech, which I speak none of. The German Gothic is crazy hard to read the characters. I live in Miami, Florida. As more Cemetery records go online this helps to... (read more)
Momstore (226,472 Memorials)
I would be happy to make any corrections or edits to these memorials. PLEASE USE THE EDIT/SEND A CORRECTION LINK.

If someone is your direct family line, I'll be happy to transfer them to you, as long as the person is within the Find a Grave guidelines for transfer. Do NOT send me a list of names or numbers.

Angie Robinson (219,297 Memorials)
Photos may not be used without written permission. Posting my photos to other websites or publication not allowed.

Don't expect a response if you didn't include your email address.
Chris Mills (455,278 Memorials)
Susan Ing (179,536 Memorials)
I live in Maplewood Missouri.
I can go to several cemeteries for pictures.
Please let me know if we can help. My helper is my 13 pound dog Lola who chases the birds and other critters around while I look for tombstones.

My family names that I am working on are Strang, Durham, Franks, Ing/Inge, Pickering, Marlow, Gonia, Bridges, Asher, Abbo... (read more)
jlong (532,152 Memorials)
If you have found a family member Memorial on Find A Grave then you are the recipient of some kindness and effort on the part of a volunteer. Someone once said that creating Memorials on FAG is like the proverbial Message-in-a-bottleŚ being cast out onto the sea of the internet, waiting to be found and linked back to a family. I enjoy creating those M... (read more)
Christina (261,522 Memorials)
If information can be updated using the first five options under the Edit tab, please use that feature.

'Suggest any other correction or addition' should only be used when the information you wish to have added cannot be sent using the first five options. Please also note that this option has a limit of 20 per week.

Regarding articles/ob... (read more)
Islington (200,539 Memorials)
Crypt Tonight (239,173 Memorials)
Dave (209,139 Memorials)
International Wargraves Photography Project (1,774,051 Memorials)
The IWPP was created in September 2005 by Carina and Gary Nelson. Carina is Swedish born whose Grandfather served on the King's Guard of Sweden. Gary is a retired Staff Sergeant of the Washington DC Air National Guard, a retired Police Sergeant as well as retired from the Federal Government.

Beginning May 28, 2012 Carina and Gary relocated to... (read more)
Stuart Strout Woodside Skolfield (223,790 Memorials)
I guess I was 12 when my uncle George started telling me of my family roots, and gave me a lot of research. If you see any information that is not correct, please let us know. More than happy to make corrections and add relationship links to other memorials, but am curtailing (not stopping) transferring memorials due to growing misunderstanding of what ... (read more)
John Smolarek (233,196 Memorials)
Hi. Most of the memorials are for family to find and to ask for the management be transferred to them. All others: use the Edit function in the upper right of a memorial for corrections and suggestions.
Lostnwyomn (232,136 Memorials)
Use the "Suggest a Correction" feature on the appropriate memorial to submit information or any requests. I follow the Find-A-Grave guidelines regarding the transfer of memorials. Any transfer requests should only be for direct relatives within four generations. This would be siblings, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents,... (read more)
Mookie (206,282 Memorials)
I've been doing family research for over twenty years and it is still a favorite past-time.

Please use the edit system for edits, as anything else may take a lot longer.

Find A Grave has become a useful research tool, but has also been abused a bit. I try very hard not to connect any of my memorials to those that are labeled "burial unkn... (read more)
Not Forgotten - Wis. (525,991 Memorials)
TRANSFER POLICY: PLEASE ask me for transfers. I'm not trying to get a high number of memorials, that is not my goal. I DO NOT believe in Find a Grave's relationship recommendation. Whether family, friends, neighbors or even someone you are researching - it's yours. I am not related to any of these people whose memorials I've created. I don't care if you... (read more)
Athanatos üç (1,245,375 Memorials)
If there is a change you can enter into the drop-down SAC (Suggest a Correction) system, please do so.

Bio info and transfer requests, and other changes not addressable in the drop-down system, send by "other" SAC.

✥ Please:

-Enter Maiden names when possible.

-Take up-close, careful shots of photo-ceramics on gra... (read more)
Mom (306,981 Memorials)
BKGenie (584,610 Memorials)
The memorials I have created on Find A Grave are a reflection of my interest in genealogy and data manipulation. Most are a result of me converting information from online burial lists. I sincerely hope I have made it easier for people to find their ancestors.

If I have fulfilled a photo request for you please consider paying it forward. This c... (read more)
Robert "Rob" Weller (208,159 Memorials)



If, for some reason, you wish to have a memorial deleted, use the... (read more)
Scout731 (233,225 Memorials)
Please NOTE:

I am a volunteer, just like many of you are.

Please do not ever justify anything you request changed or a person being transferred by stating you will notify F.A.G. if I do not respond to your liking. I keep all copies of requests and note why I did not honor it along with a follow up message to your board.

Please uti... (read more)
GerbLady (243,706 Memorials)
ABOUT FLORIDA NATIONAL CEMETERY: Am receiving emails I've entered memorials in the 'wrong' national cemetery. Florida has had five new national cemeteries open up since the 2010 VA upload for Florida National Cemetery. There continues to be an "exodus" of remains being moved to one of the new VA cemeteries (or moved completely to another state). PLEASE ... (read more)
Tony & Cindy Lloyd (235,485 Memorials)
I live in Nebraska and recently took over the Genealogy torch from my grandmother. I have had numerous people take photos of cemetery stones for me and I thought I would like to do the same for others. My wife Cindy helps to take photos, enter names, and deal with the thousands of corrections.

Special thanks goes out to Jenn O. (#47041892) for a... (read more)
T.V.F.T.H. (2,058,821 Memorials)
**Please use the new edit functions - you can easily enter DOB/DOD and Relationship link information and Plot locations, and then I can hit the Approve button. If you choose not to, it can take up to 30 days for me to make your edits.**

Rudeness will be ignored.

I enjoy documenting graves so that others can find their kin easily ... (read more)
Marvin & Samme Templin (504,877 Memorials)
We completed a survey of all known cemeteries in McMinn County plus transcribed McMinn County death certificates from 1914-1955.
Surnames we are reseaching: Marvin's lineage = Templin, Click, Bryant, Sisk, Smith, Waddell, Gross. Samme's lineage = Carpenter, Simpson, Hutsell, Julian, Warren
***************************... (read more)
RobMinteer57 (929,372 Memorials)

Unknown Unknowns on Find A Grave (over 10,000 of them have no pictures or plot info):

March 28, 2017: 48,675
April 5, 2017: 48,515
April 17, 2017: 48,600
April 24, 2017: 48,621
III (482,688 Memorials)

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